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Do you need your FBI Background Check Apostille?

A FBI Background Check also commonly known as a FBI Identity History Check or a criminal history record is a report that summarizes felony criminal arrest and conviction records submitted from ALL 50 states and the District of Columbia. It can also be referred to as an Identity history summary check and provides complete information about naturalization, federal employment or military service that an individual has completed in the U.S. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) keeps all of this important information about Americans in their national database system and it is provided to organizations via official request. In some cases, you may need an FBI background check apostille or authenticated as a requirement to work in other countries as well.

This report can be requested to verify or prove that you do not have a criminal history or to identify if you have ever been arrested. This kind of background check is often essential if you are going to adopt a child you would need it, and for work, live or travel abroad in another country too. It is important to review with the institution asking for this requirement as sometime is confusing with a police report which are totally different documents and processes.

How To Request An FBI Background Check

You can submit the FBI background check/report request via online or by mail, but the processing time varies and quite different, we recommend doing it online which takes 3 to 5 days plus delivery time which could be in total 10 days. You will need to verify the purpose in order to go to the correct portal, for immigration, travel, or employment purposes is eDo system.

You will need to fill out a form or follow the steps as soon as you receive the email confirmation from the FBI. Part of the steps to obtain your FBI background check is submitting your fingerprints, this can be done in an authorize agency after that you must mail your completed fingerprint card to the FBI.

How to Apostille an FBI Background Check With Brooklyn Notary Service

Brooklyn Notary Service can authenticate your FBI background report or record within 8-12 weeks since it is a federal document and the process takes longer. You can send us your document or we can travel to you to pick it up (for a fee). It’s important to remember that authenticating an FBI background check or report is a process with the U.S. department of state and it takes more time.

The apostille of a document for countries which are part of the Hague convention is to be valid or used in these countries. The Department of State and the US Department of State will authenticate this document for all other countries, the process will vary depending on each document and country.

In case you need an FBI Background check authenticated and sent to another country, you must get it apostilled first. We can process the shipping as well with a delivery within 1 to 3 business days. We must have the report in our hands which can be sent to us by email or mailed its use via U.S. mail to our address.
FBI background check authentication is often required when you are getting a job abroad, applying for citizenship, or living or studying in another country.

Some recommendations when applying for FBI Background Check.
There are several simple steps to get an FBI background check authenticated. Once we receive your document, we will process it through the US Department of State and as soon as we get it back, we will deliver it to you by mail or in-person via hand delivery (additional fee may apply). Keep in mind as mentioned before, the time and process will vary per client depending on the country you are sending the report to. Our reliable mobile notary services allows us to travel to you to receive/deliver and notarize documents easily at any place throughout New York City.

*Please note that Brooklyn Notary Service is not a law firm and is not providing legal advice; we simply apostille, authenticate and notarize a variety of legal documents.

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