Yes. The signer being notarized must be present at the time of notarization.

The photo ID can have more of the signer’s names than shown on the document, but
not less. For example, if the document to be notarized includes the signer’s middle
initial and the ID has the middle name spelled out, that is acceptable. However, it is
not acceptable for the document to have the middle name spelled out but the ID only
has the middle initial. Also, it is okay to use a commonly known nickname on your
documents, like Tom for Thomas (where “Thomas” is on the ID, but the document
says “Tom”).

The signer(s) must have a state issued ID that covers the names shown on the
document. The ID cannot be expired.

Yes. You must have the document printed and in your possession at time of the

No. We cannot notarize incomplete documents with incomplete blanks. All blanks
must be filled in prior to notarization.

All signers need to be competent to sign and be fully alert. If the signer cannot speak,
then they must be able to clearly communicate answers to questions in written or
typed form.

Each signer needs to be able to explain what he or she is signing in English directly to
the notary, without a translator. The document can be in a foreign language, however
the signer’s name must be in English.

The signer needs to be able to sign in a way that resembles a signature, even if it is
not the same signature on an ID. “Signature by Mark” is not acceptable.

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