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About Brooklyn Notary Service

Brooklyn Notary Service is home to highly professional, punctual, and experienced notaries commissioned in New York. At Brooklyn Notary Service we prioritize customer service, professionalism, and accuracy. All Brooklyn Notary Service notaries are NNA certified and have NNA background clearances. To ensure that all loan signings are completed to perfection, our notaries are NSA and LSA certified. Our notaries have backgrounds in business, real estate, entrepreneurship, finance, corporate organizations, and more. The wide range of industry experience prepares our notaries to fully support you in your signing needs.

As a professional notary business serving Brooklyn and surrounding NYC boroughs, we specialize in on-call notarizations in which our commissioned notary publics will travel to your place of business or location. We are always willing to travel to you or your client’s home, office, hospital, coffee shop, airport, or workplace to provide superior and timely notary services.

Please note that Brooklyn Notary Service is a privately black woman owned company incorporated with the New York Secretary of State as a Limited Liability Company. Our notaries are not legal professionals or lawyers and we do not offer any legal services. Since we are not a law firm, we do not provide legal, business or tax advice.

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